YearlyKos, Here I Come! (in a virtual way, of course)

How did I not know about this? My love of all things DailyKos and all things Second Life weren’t communicating with each other, obviously. Which is silly, as I discovered tonight, for they have paired up. Though I had decided that I just couldn’t swing the convention in Chicago, I’m going to YearlyKos in Second Life! Whoo hoo!

Luckily I checked the events before heading home from work and saw that writer Glenn Greenwald was going to be interviewed in SL. Greenwald, the author of How Would a Patriot Act and A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency. Oh. My. God. I joined late so didn’t get to see or hear the interview, but joined in time to see everyone gathered around him (okay, gathered around his avatar). Then off to the side I see SamSeder Writer…was that the Sam Seder of Air America radio? I walk up to him and ask if he is, probably scaring the dickens out of him. It was!

I sign up for the YearlyKos Second Life (YKSL) and then join the gang on the dance floor (yep, dancing after the interview – how cool). So Greenwald and Seder don’t stick around, but guess who was dancing on the same dance floor as I? Who even spoke to me and gave me cash for being the first to sign up for YKSL (even though I don’t think I was first)? Oh my, it was General JC Christian of Jesus’ General, every heterosexually-speaking pixel of him! Eeeeek!

So, though I was kind of bummed that I was going to miss YearlyKos this year, even though I originally scheduled vacation time for YearlyKos, I’m happy now. I’m ready to help out and join in the fun in the Second Life universe. And how cool is it that when I select the tags for this post that I can select YearlyKos and Second Life?

YearlyKos in Second Life t-shirt


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