Greenies’ Home

After reading Natalia’s post on the Greenie’s Home in Second Life, I knew that’s where I would fly off to on my next outing. Oh my, I do love the display of creativity displayed at this giant-sized home.

Here I am about to enter the house through what turns out to be the floorboards:

Entering the Greenies Home in Second Life

You enter and at first you don’t realize where you are. It all looks boringly bland and normal…until you realize you are in a doll house! Once you leave the doll house you begin to sense the size of the sim you are in:

The Greenies Home doll house

Here I am in the living room. Someone else has discovered the space ships you can ride in from the Greenie Mother Ship:

Greenie Home living room

I flew into the kitchen (flying is highly recommended as this place is too huge to walk around) and discovered a cat just like my Lulu-kitty. Luckily she was too interested in a Greenie in her food dish to notice me. Niiiiiice kitty:

The cat in the Greenies Home

So the Greenies who seem determined to take over this ordinary house are not quite the upstanding aliens that they could be. I caught them getting into things they really shouldn’t:

Greenies playing in sugar

Greenies smoking

Exploring in the kitchen, I flew up onto a shelf where a cookbook that looks awfully familiar was sitting. Yep, I remember that cookbook from my younger days. I also loved the medicine with a handy, dandy lid to perch in:

Standing on a shelf in the Greenies Home kitchen

I ended up at the Greenies’ Mother Ship:

Greenies’ Mother Ship

I also found one of those space ships that I could fly:

Me in one of the Greenies’ small space ships

My fun soon ended, because as I flew down from the Mother Ship I was suddenly booted out of the small space ship, and I was stuck outside the house. I suddenly felt quite like a bee, buzzing up against the window:

Outside looking into the Greenies Home

I tried to get back a couple of times, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the place is so popular that it fills up, thus I’m not able to teleport there. I’ll keep trying. It really is spectacular. It’s not just spectacular, it’s fun!


One Response to “Greenies’ Home”

  1. Chesya Says:

    I liked the view of your world very much

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