Hairspray and Smiling

Have you ever sat through an entire movie with a huge grin on your face? If not, go see Hairspray. It’s a delight.

I saw the original Hairspray and loved it, but never saw the stage musical based on John Waters movie. So, I knew the basic story, but was surprised at how similar it was to the original film, yet managed to make its own mark.

The songs aren’t memorable, but I enjoyed them as the cast sang and danced to them. In fact, kudos to the cast. Everyone was having fun. I’d say the weakest link was John Travolta. His performance as a woman distracted me. Still, it’s only one weak link out of tons of enjoyable performances.

I also think the movie is a great one for the younger crowd and with Zac Efron, of High School Musical fame, playing a large role, there’s going to be some girls who will want to see the movie. By the way, Efron does a good job.

Walking out of the theater I ran into an acquaintance, and like me, she also found it a movie that you can smile through. Go see it and get those smile muscles working.


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