Goodies from Second Life

As I wait for my tea to steep so I can return to the new Harry Potter book I thought I’d show you some of the fun new items I’ve purchased in Second Life. I really am a Barbie at heart.

There was a sale going on at Bossa Nova. Moire Georgette was selling some of her stuff at some screaming good deals (I bought a bathing suit for free and a dress for one linden!). I’d gone into her shop before and hadn’t felt like shelling out the lindens for her stuff. It just didn’t appeal to me, but I’m learning that the pics on the store wall never give you the full feeling as actually wearing the clothes, so I decided to try some of her clothes. Oh my. I’m in love:

New outfit from Bossa Nova

This is the Leia dress in black. There were some fun colors, but I wasn’t sure if I’d like it on, so went for the black (hmmm…I may have to go back and get some more). I love it. The textures are gorgeous. The black is more of a charcoal gray, and what do you know? I have a pair of black boots that matches! I even have the perfect bracelet:

New goodies bought in Second Life

The boots are Maitreya’s Dune style. With the sculpty uppers they look nice, soft, and suedey (is there such a word to describe suede items?). The glasses, which I’ve begun wearing every so often, especially after discovering Artilleri’s selection of colors and styles, are Artilleri’s Cateye Retro Star styles. I bought a few other pairs of different types and colors while in Artilleri’s main shop (by the way, I’m lazy — I assume if you’re interested you’ll use the Search in Second Life to find out how to get to these places. If you need help let me know by posting a comment and I’ll get you the TP coordinates). The bracelet is from Earthtones and is part of the Romance Shades Bangles pack. This one is the wide version called Shades of Shadow. The hair is by Calla and is called Viscaria. The skin is my new favorite: Celestial Skins Cashmere Muted Lips Peach – Mid style.

I also picked up some new hair at Cake. I saw this hair mentioned at the Second Style blog and thought I’d check it out. Oh my, I’m glad I did. It’s given my avatar a whole new attitude. Here’s the hair along with the free bathing suit from Bossa Nova, plus a necklace that I also picked up from Cake:

New hair, new bathing suit, new attitude

Um…Celestial Skins really does do a lot of shading around the breasts to give you that extra oomph. I really have the slider set low (it’s under 40) for the breast size, but I guess I won’t complain. The hair style is called Rumor, and I’m loving it.

Here’s another hair style I picked up at Cake, called Poe. Pictures don’t do it justice. Let’s just say that it’s waaaaaay flexified and those ringlets wave about a lot in a breeze. I also think that the black hair texture probably doesn’t show off the curls as much as a lighter color would. I’m also wearing a new bracelet from Cake:

Poe hair style, plus bracelet from Cake

Here’s more of the Bossa Nova outfits:

More Bossa Nova outfits

The first two images are the Mariana dress in red. In the first shot I’m wearing some new hair from Artilleri called Jami. I’m also wearing a pair of the color-changing ETD Summer Slingback shoes in white (I’m able to adjust the color of the straps) and the bracelet is part of the same Earthtones pack mentioned above. The second shot shows you my favorite fun style: Hairapy’s Heather style. Very 1960s with it’s headband (with a color-changing flower!) and flipped up curls, you can add two kinds of bangs to the hair, the full fringe or sideswept bangs. I’m also wearing the Sin Skins Sultry Red skin. Red lips were called for with that outfit. The other two outfits are the Zuzu in plum with the longer skirt — it comes with a long and short version — and the one linden Copacabana dress (a deal!). In both shots I’m wearing the Rumor hair style. Can’t you just feel the attitude that I’m emitting?

I’ve shopped a few more places other than Cake, Bossa Nova, and Artilleri (I also picked up some neat bracelets from there, you can see one of them on the picture below). I picked up the Boytrap outfit from Amaretto, some earrings from Caminal, more skin from Celestial Studios (this time with Red lips), and even more attitude. I have to say it, I am one hot babe:

My new look

The tea finished steeping quite a while ago, so back to the adventures of Harry Potter!


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