Land Owning

I own land but not in real life — only in Second Life. I broke down last weekend and purchased a small plot on the mainland. My justification was that since I was spending money on renting a place then why not go ahead and buy something? So, for about $20 US dollars I purchased something near the ocean. Near…not next to.

Buying mainland property is something of a crap shoot. There are no covenants so you could find that one morning your peaceful neighbor has left and you are now living next to a swinging orgy club. So far I’ve been lucky. Some neighbors have come and gone this last week, some land terrain has been edited, and I’ve been pretty happy with my property.

After buying the land I thought about trying my hand building a house all by myself, but realized that I could have a place of my own much quicker if I just bought, plus an experienced house builder would use a lot less prims than me fumbling around. So standing on my 512m piece of land I decided to start small. I added some trees:

Adding trees to my Second Life land

Aren’t I a great landscape artist?

I went house shopping and discovered a place called 512 Noland Avenue Prefabs. So, in about an hour’s time I bought several house demos, see how they fit on my land, decided on a model, bought it, and plopped it on my land. Why can’t real life be so simple?

I bought the house that I did because it allows great views out the large windows, but no one can see in, plus? It has a pool. Well, not only do I have land, a house, but also a pool:

My pool in Second Life

Here was the view from my pool that first day:

View from pool

See that house to the right? It’s gone now. Someone has also messed with the beach front property, but in a good way. I hate to think what it will look like when someone buys that land. Here’s what it looked like a day later:

More trees by the beach

Someone likes trees as much as I do!

So, it’s fun to landscape and decorate and live in a place like you would never live in. Check it out:

My current house in Second Life

I’ve hung pictures, added plants, and a lovely wind chime. Just like in real life…except for the palm trees and sand and ocean and picture windows and….


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