A Different Kind of Avatar

You know how much I love to write about my Second Life avatar and what she wears and how she looks? Well, I created a new kind of avatar today, but not in Second Life. I created my Simpsons avatar. Yes, what would I look like if I were a character on The Simpsons? Um…not pretty.

If I were a Simpsons character

You too can discover your Simpson look at the The Simpsons Movie web site. I giggled through the whole process.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll stick with my Second Life look, which isn’t based on what I really look like (ah, that’s the secret!):

Close-up for Contest


One Response to “A Different Kind of Avatar”

  1. inchoate » Blog Archive » who are you? Says:

    […] recently had a post about creating a Simpsons avatar for herself and that comparison to her Second Life avatar.  Since she did it, I just had to create […]

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