Sam Seder Interviewed in Second Life

Tonight’s Second Life adventure was brought to you by a great group of progressives: it was an interview with Sam Seder, author of FUBAR and radio host, as part of the preparations leading to the YearlyKos convention. The convention is next week, but tonight Jimbo Hoyer interviewed Sam. Sam’s avatar was pretty darn good:

Sam Seder in Second Life

There was a good crowd there to listen to the audio stream:

Audience for Seder interview

It was a good interview that ranged from radio to blogs and beyond. And afterwards? There was dancing!

Dancing with YearlyKos gang in SL

I even got a shot of me in the middle of a dance move. Sigh…is there a rule that action shots always seem to  get you in a pose like this?

Me dancing in Second Life

I told you how excited I was that a piece of the YearlyKos convention would be available in Second Life. I’m looking forward to next week’s convention and am ready to enter the convention hall:

YearlyKos 2007 Entry Gate in Second Life


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