A New Way to Bowl

While in the Phoenix area visiting family, I joined my sis, niece, and nephew in an outing to a new bowling alley. Alley? ALLEY? Jeez, this was a temple, a monument, a tribute to all that is brainless fun. I loved it.

Then new Brunswick Zone XL in Gilbert, Arizona is one of ten mega-bowling centers. It has 44 lanes, a game room, a bar with big-screen TVs, and best of all? A server who will take your order for calamari or veggie wraps. Okay, we didn’t do the  calamari – we ordered cheese sticks and sodas — an eight and four year old with us had something to do with our decision.

We talked to one of the employees who had come in early to bowl a few games. He said it cost $13 million to build. It was also making good money since it opened last week. With music videos playing, nice couches to sit on, bowling balls organized by size and color, and a lovely smokeless atmosphere it is a great place for a family outing.

It’s a neat place.  Well, except for one thing. I expected to use those bumpers on the lane that are put in place for my niece and nephew. At this place? They don’t stay up! Each bowler designates whether they’ll need the bumpers. Shoot, I count on those things! Needless to say, my first game started out rough: after three frames I had 8 points. I managed a herculean 89 points for the game. Second game went better for me and I managed two strikes and about three spares and scored a much better 138. Okay, okay, so maybe I don’t need those baby bumpers after all.


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