YearlyKos in Second Life…sort of

Today’s the opening day for the YKSL event. I got up bright and early (6:00 AM my time!) to check it out.

Opening Day at YKSL

I need coffee!

As usual, with anything to do with video or sound, things that worked fine the night before are not working when the audience shows up. I’m an expert at standing in front of an audience trying to make bad jokes while frantically hitting computer buttons. It’s a hazard in the technical presentation world. So while waiting for the video and audio to work I headed out to explore other areas of the YearlyKos event.

There’s an exhibition hall and different organizations have booths. These were my favorites. The first is the Billionaires for Bush booth:

Billionaires for Bush booth in Second Life

The next booth? Um…well, let’s just say that General JC Christian, Jesus’ General himself, managed to do a splendiferous job:

Jesus General booth in Second Life

There’s a Bill O’Reilly theme going on, but wait — who’s that manning the booth? Could it be?

Jesus General booth in Second Life with Dick Cheney manning the booth

It’s Dick Cheney! Um…couldn’t he at least put on some clothes? Ewwwwww.

There are three venues for watching video streamed from the convention in Chicago. There are the exhibition booths, a replica of the Chicago Sears Tower (with a handy jumping point – I survived), a dance floor where we danced the night away last night – doing the Time Warp in Second Life with a bunch of progressives is fun, though listening to Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” left something to be desired! 😉

Dancing at YKSL the night before the convention begins

I’ll post more about the event, though somewhere I’ll need some sleep. Six in the morning? Sheesh!


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