Hairspray review

Ah, now this movie made me happy. I’ve seen it twice now. The second time with my niece who has a big crush on Zac Efron. Just like my niece Jamie, Cassidy, who has posted comments on my High School Musical review, also loved Hairspray and though Zac was great. Funny thing is, I thought he was great also.

Here’s the review. This is a film that just has me salivating for the DVD. What extras and deleted scenes will be available?

Meanwhile, here’s an image for Jamie and Cassidy:

Zac Efron in Hairspray


One Response to “Hairspray review”

  1. kashifalvi Says:

    i haven’t seen the movie yet….but from what you have put together about this movie, is a must see and its always nice to read other people views on movies i haven’t seen.

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