Yesterday’s technical difficulties were finally resolved and video was finally available for us YearlyKos folks attending in Second Life. Last night’s keynote session brought all of us SLers out to the Netroots Stadium to watch. A few folks were even in both places at once: attending in Second Life AND sitting there in the Chicago hotel ballroom where it was held.

Here’s some crowd shots as we waited for the event to start:

Keynote event in Second Life - waiting for it to start

Waiting for YKSL Keynote event to begin

Waiting for YKSL Keynote event to begin

It’s funny how all of us congregated into two sections. We could communicate even if we sat far apart, but we gathered together just as in real life to watch the screen streaming video from Chicago.

Sam Seder was the master of ceremonies at the keynote. Here’s how he looked from our point of view:

Sam Seder at Ykos as seen from Second Life

Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois had a pre-taped message that was shown at YearlyKos. We got it fine in Second Life too:

Dick Durbin at YearlyKos seen from Second Life

The fun arises from our ability in Second Life to chat back and forth among the crowd as we react to what is said on the big screen. We cheered all the speakers on, but this next guy got a lot of our cheers. Introducing my favorite Democrat and Chairman of the DNC, Howard Dean! Whoo hoo!

Howard Dean at YearlyKos seen from Second Life

I’ll always be a Deaniac. I got to meet and talk to him once and still cherish that memory. Last night he gave a rousing speech that had us all cheering, even in Second Life. If you want to watch any archived video, Ustream has some clips.

And then we danced the night away. Here’s a bunch of us on the dance floor:

Dancing in Second Life at opening night of YearlyKos

We had some Canadians in attendance and they got their own special salute: Rocky the DJ played “Oh Canada,” which then segued into “Blame Canada!” The visuals that went along with the music added to the effect:

Dancing with a Canadian frame of mind

Jane2 gets down among all the Canada-ness:

Jane2 shaking her thang to Blame Canada

So far, just like any convention, I’ve found it fun to hang out with other people while the convention sessions take a back seat. So Second Life does operate like First Life, doesn’t it?


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