Well, I’m late to the YKSL convention today. I woke up in time for a quick shower, but it took a little longer than planned. My poor dog Spencer was smelling of…shall we call it “eau de skunk?” He obviously wasn’t sprayed directly last night by the skunk who let an overpowering blast last night.

Last night when wrinkling up my nose at the stench I did wonder if Spence had been hit and if the skunk was out near the backyard. The smell was too strong to notice if any was on Spencer though. This morning? Yeah, his fur collided with some skunk spray molecules. Not many, and he wasn’t directly sprayed, but I bet the skunk was close and that she sprayed and wasn’t hit by a car on the nearby road. Spence managed to run outside to bark at the excitement at the same time those molecules wafted by.

So, Spencer got a bath this morning. Lucky dog.  Now I’m off to listen to the rest of General Wesley Clark’s speech at YearlyKos.


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