Lag Time

They talk about lag in Second Life, but I’m fighting lag in real life. I have more Second Life photos of the remainder of the YearlyKos convention in SL (called YKSL) to post, but I had been so involved all day Saturday in various events at YKSL that I still havent’ got around to posting them.  I started to format the photos and figure out what to say, but we had the Presidential Candidates breakout sessions to watch, plus a bunch of us went on a shopping trip around SL. The newbies got lots of good stuff.

This afternoon would have been fine, but I got sidetracked with walking the dog, grocery shopping, and hitting the office to feed my fish. Then I made the mistake of entering Second Life to see if there was anything still going on. No, but I did talk to new friends from the convention

Right now I have a date with Underdog, which I have to review this weekend. So, later tonight I’ll try to do a YKSL update. Plus tell you about my new fun Second Life addiction: fast cars and fast men. Whoo hoo! 😉


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