Underdog is Underwhelming

The movie Underdog has its moments of charm but overall, the movie is mediocre. I think it’s due to the whole real life mix with computer special effects. I remember the cartoon with dogs mixing with humans. Polly Purebred was a TV reporter, but in the movie she’s just a dog. Some clunky plotting also doesn’t help. The dogs are cute though.


One Response to “Underdog is Underwhelming”

  1. shrimplate Says:

    I liked the way they changed Shoeshine/Underdog into a sarcastic wise-ass. It was simplistic and corny, but the bad guys were played to perfection and I thought the talking-dog special effects were as natural as could be.

    My kid loved it, as did my spouse.

    We also tried to see the new “Bourne” movie (sans 9-year-old) but the 730 show was sold out Friday.

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