YKSL Wrap Up

Wrapping up the whole YKSL convention is hard to do. So much fun, lots of good sessions streamed into Second Life, and great people to hang out with made it a worthwhile event to attend. After Friday’s conventioneering in Second Life style, where I attended several sessions, a special party was held for all YearlyKos Second Life attendees. Put on by bloggers and held at Yedo’s 22nd Century Ballroom, the party was a formal event. Whoo hoo! Another chance to wear my Sabrina gown from Sirena’s:

Moran at Yedo’s

The ballroom had a good crowd and here’s some of us. Among this group is Jillian, Kiala, Quirinal, Kit, and others (yes, I’m just as bad with names in SL as in real life).

YKSL Formal Event

Some of the dancers included Rocky and Jane:

Rocky and Jane dancing

Bell and Lola

Bell and Lola dancing

My highlight? Dancing with the General himself, JC Christian. We did look good together — no clashing outfits:

Dancing with the General

The after party of the formal event was where the real fun was at. Rocky’s music had us all dancing and the jokes were flying (I’m in the red, sharing space with Townes Lusch):

The YKSL After Party

And if anyone accuses all us progressive activists of drinking the KoolAid, well HAH! You’ll notice that Mr. KoolAid is still full and no one has touched a drop!

Dancing with KoolAid

Saturday’s events were the biggies. The Presidential Candidate forum, the breakout sessions with the various candidates, a powerful panel on rebuilding New Orleans, and the closing speech by Markos himself. I took shots of the video screens we were watching but will spare you bad images of Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd, John Edwards, and Barak Obama. The real fun was the snarky comments flying through chat as we all watched the various events.

Another party organized by the General at Cafe Wellstone topped Saturday night off. I danced my virtual feet off.

I think that the real fun in any kind of event like this is meeting new people who become friends. We are hoping to continue meeting regularly because the fun just didn’t stop. Even if I make it to YearlyKos next year, though it will now be called Netroots Nation Convention, I still want to attend via Second Life. I bet the folks in Chicago had a good time, but I bet us folks in SL had much more fun and much more dancing.


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