Becoming a Fast Woman

I’ve become a fast woman. It wasn’t hard. After all, so many things are easy in Second Life. This one though has surprised me.

It started innocently. I decided to try something new in SL and I discovered what it felt like to have my thighs wrapped around something strong and throbbing. Yes, I blame it on the “Rez a Scooter” stand at Artilleri’s:

Riding a scooter in Artilleri

Every time I shop at Artilleri’s, which is often due to some great glasses and retro looks, I take a scooter ride. With a great set of roads I’m able to scoot along having a blast. You know what’s really nice? I can end up at the bottom of the ocean over and over and still manage to get back to dry land with no bruises or wet clothes. And I do end up in the ocean a lot. Turning isn’t easy!

So I’m looking outside my Second Life house the other day and my eyes fall upon this long straight road that’s been in the front of my house for a few weeks. I think that riding a scooter would be fun and decide to buy one. Looking in the Search tool in SL I see a place called Scooter (Velocity/184/140/25). Well, they don’t sell scooters, it’s a bar and club for bike enthusiasts, but what do they have in front of the place? Why a lovely “Rez a Scooter” stand. I’m on my way!

Later on I teleport a new friend to join me in riding scooters and as we’re zipping around the Velocity and Motorati regions, I get stuck in what I’ll call a pothole (it’s just not visible – it’s like you’re stuck inside the road). There’s a gentleman who has also wrecked his car in the same spot. We chat and as I have to stand up off the scooter I lose my ride back when the scooter disappears (not a problem really — I could just teleport back to Scooter). But the fellow — we’ll call him Voom — wants to know if I’d like a ride in his very fast looking car. This is how SL is different. I’d never get in a car with a stranger in real life, but in SL? Sure! When my friend messaged me wondering where I was and that she had to leave, I told her I was with a stranger speeding along and not to worry.

Oh my. That was some ride. We ended up in a parking garage “drifting” up the different levels, turning over and over to make the ramps up. Afterwards, I thanked Voom for the experience.

Going on with other real life things to do that day I thought about how fun driving around was. When I logged in later I tried out some of the freebie cars I’d picked up at various locations, but none had the noise that I heard back at Velocity. So I went back to Velocity with its many roads:
some of the roads at Velocity

I discovered two guys drag racing. One was Voom, who beat the other guy with his fancy turns and lots of gears to go faster. Voom notices me and I tell him I thought it was so fun earlier that I’d love to learn how to use a car in SL. He not only tells me about cars he also takes me to MH Motors (Flayer/196/21/84) where I am able to buy a freebie car, the MH FLyline, that goes fast enough in first and second gear (I’ll get to fifth gear one of these days).

My new car in SL

Returning to Velocity, Voom and some of his friends drive around with me as I try to make it up to the top of the parking garage. May I just say that I am happy that I can’t get hurt physically in SL and neither can my car, because otherwise I’d have one huge insurance bill. The car is fast and very touchy. I always turn the wheel too far (the keyboard arrows control direction) and bang against every sign, embankment, and garage wall around. Of course, the way we all tried to run each other off the road doesn’t help either.

Entranced with driving in SL I explored a few other places and discover something much more my skill level: a Nissan Altima. As an owner of a beat up Nissan pickup, I quite willingly put down the zero lindens necessary to buy the car:

Nissan Altima in Second Life

You can pick this up at the Nissan location in SL (Nissan Altima/122/181/28). There are some other gadgets available to pick up at the site also. The Altima I could drive, but it just wasn’t as exciting as the MH Flyline. I went back to MH Motors just to see what other cars would tickle my fancy. If I decide to open my pocketbook for an automobile I’ll have lots of options:

MH Motors in Second Life

Becoming a fast woman means I’ll need some more trips back to Velocity to improve my driving skill on those curves. So look out for me. Though I always wanted to be a dangerous type of woman I just never wanted it to be due to my driving. And I’m dangerous…but I’m fast.


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