Hodge Podge of SL Tidbits

Natalia has the exciting news that she’s now an example in an academic paper. The paper looks at advertising and social networks (PDF) and my quick read found it interesting.

Our YKSL group had so much fun that a new event is now on my SL list. There’s a Drinking Liberally national group, a Laughing Liberally comics group, and now there’s Dancing Liberally. We can get together at the Cafe Wellstone and joke and dance on a regular basis in SL.

Voice is now available in SL. I can talk instead of chatting by typing. It sounds nice except for two things. My voice is fine but I dither on and on and “um” and “uh” a lot. Typing what I want to say keeps me on track. I also have a dog who barks every time I’m on the phone. Can you imagine me spending an hour or so on SL talking away? I don’t think the other folks want to hear me yelling, “Shut up, Spencer!” every three minutes.


One Response to “Hodge Podge of SL Tidbits”

  1. Paige Carroll Says:

    Dear whom ever this may concern

    My name is Paige Carroll, I am a year 11 student from The Royal Docks Community School and I wanted to ask if I could use the image attached, in my ICT Centre Stage DIDA project.


    Yours sincerely

    Miss Paige Carroll
    (The Royal Docks Community School)

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