Orange Night

My plans to get some work done tonight were easily foiled by an email from the YKSL group in Second Life. An announcement that Jimbo was stating that he was interviewing Sanford Horwitt, author of Feingold: A New Democratic Party, I had to jump into SL and go see. I consider Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin the best of the Washington bunch. Horwitt’s biography sounded interesting. If you’re interested in learning more about the book Horwitt will join FireDogLake this Sunday to “talk” about it and answer questions.

Seeing a bunch of the YKSL gang made for a much better evening than getting some work done, though it now waits for me tomorrow. Still, we had dancing and you know I love that Second Life dancing! We joked dance, I flirted a bit with a gentleman named Townes Lusch (hmmm…now that’s  a good SL name), danced some more, and changed my clothes in public — easy to do in SL.

My black “Rock” t-shirt changed to something more DailyKos influenced…like something orange. A bunch of us put on orange shirts, pants, skirts, hair, and even skin.   I pulled out my other favorite t-shirt, the “Pop My Cherry” shirt (okay, okay, I can’t help it — I like it).

After the party Second Life continued the orange theme with a lovely setting moon.

Orange Moon


2 Responses to “Orange Night”

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