Shaking it Up at Sand Shack Surf Company

You know what doesn’t mix? Strawberry milkshakes and a laptop. As Emma Gilmour explains it it kind of messes with a Mac to have milkshake poured onto it. Who woulda thunk?

Emma is the creator of my favorite pair of jeans in Second Life. Her Sand Shack Surf Company ( offers lots of great clothes, but in order to raise money to fix her computer she’s holding a fundraiser along with a wonderful sale. Shop and help someone at the same time? Oh yeah, you know I’m there!

I headed over as soon as I saw the post on Appearance Mode about the sale…er…fundraiser. I picked up a few things and what a great opportunity to take preening pictures of myself, practice my GIMP skills, and show off the great stuff I picked up. Isn’t life great? Or should I say Second Life?

black and white outfit

I feel very French in this Kentford outfit. It must be the black and white stripes, plus the jaunty scarf around my neck. The sunglasses were also another purchase from Emma’s. I love the back of the shirt. Isn’t that great? It also comes with a skirt to match the scarf, and the shoes you see. The tattoo is from Butterfly Island. The hair is Reckless from Tami McCoy’s shop.

I wrote about how I was feeling last night after hanging out with the YearlyKos (now Netroots Nation) crowd. Some of us changed into orange clothing but I only had one shirt. Well, after visiting Surf Company that is no longer my problem!

Orange clothes from Surf Company

Look at that orange! Wow. I’m wearing the Sunrise ensemble in the first picture. Shoes are from ETD and the hair is Calico Creations’ “Carol.” Am I “Little Miss Sunshine” or what in the second set of images? Hair is Calla’s Viscaria. The tangy tank top along with those favorite jeans (Hipster Cowgirl) is shown in the last image. These aren’t at sale prices but who cares? They’re great! The shoes are the Boho Sandals from Shiny Things and the hair is Calico Creations‘ “Sarah II.” All the skin is from the Cashmere tone in either Peach or Red at Celestial Studios.

If you could care less about Emma’s laptop you still should head on over to her shop. There are just too many good items on sale and at regular prices.

The Suzie shirt


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