Another SL Post

It finally happened. The land that abuts mine and has such a pretty view is up for sale. There’s the huge For Sale sign floating in the sky and a nice house has disappeared. Oh well, I knew that my nice view was not going to last.

On the bright side? I can find a cute outfit by mixing and matching various items in my inventory. See, it all works out in Second Life — ugly neighborhood; pretty clothes.

Black and Red outfit

Let’s see…what am I wearing over my spiffy red and black bathing suit? Yes, that’s why I ended up with the black and red themed outfit. I needed something that looked good with the swim suit and my homemade red and black bracelets and earrings.

  • Cherry cardigan in black – Artilleri
  • Gia shoes – Artilleri
  • Uptown Red outfit pants – Vitamin Ci
  • Hair – ETD’s Jasmine in Jet
  • Skin – Sin Skin’s Stratus Sultry Red

I like playing Barbie!
Black and Red


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