DVD Ordering Time – Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Robinson Crusoe on Mars

I rarely order DVDs from Amazon. If I see a movie I like on sale I’ll pick it up or if it’s a mainstream movie that I absolutely love I’ll buy it at full price when it’s released. But TBogg points out a new release. It is Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

I loved that movie when I saw it on TV at a young age. For those of you who never saw it and think the title is pretty darn silly — well it is a silly title — the movie is about an astronaut stranded on Mars. It’s not a slam-bang, shoot-em-up kind of space movie, but an interesting story of a man trying to survive in a hazardous world. The title eventually does work somewhat because our hero finds another person that he names Friday.

It’s a Criterion release, which means good quality. It also means it’s time to pull out my credit card and order the movie.


Mr. Woodcock review

Do I really need to post this? I imagine everyone who wanted to see this movie has already seen it; the rest of you can save your money. Here’s the review.

Free and Not so Free Fun

A co-worker of mine has started playing around in Second Life. Yesterday I joined her in a shopping adventure — buying a good skin. Well, where else to go but over to Celestial Studios where a 50% sale is taking place this weekend. The skin at Celestial Studio is lovely, I wear it a lot. I told her I’d buy her the skin which is at $L500. She freaked until I explained that in real life that wasn’t even $2. She could give me one of those lovely organic dark-chocolate bars that she buys.

So, she buys a skin, gets some freebie clothes, a shape that I provide (I love making shapes), and here’s Ariell reborn out of the ashes of newbieness:

Ariell after buying skin

I so wish I could show you a Before Picture, but anyone in SL knows what the Before pictures look like! Except for the skin she’s wearing all freebies. Hair from Calla, dress from PixelDolls, and the earrings and shoes from my creations folder. A lot of freebies that come in boxes aren’t the greatest, but I love when you can find some decent stuff.

Now Ariell admits that she’s not looking for hooker-wear, but something more demure. There are lots of designers that make freebie offerings. These should be snapped up anytime you can find them. Well, I discovered a blog that covers all the freebies you can find — Fabulously Free in Second Life. I already want to head out and pick a few things up!

My vanity does not allow me to post this without a shot of myself. So, here am I, but I ain’t wearing a darn thing that’s free:

Moran with No Freebies On

  • Hair: Tami McCoy Babycakes
  • Skin: RaC Drew
  • Earrings: Artilleri Rockin’ Earrings
  • Bracelets: Artiller Racer and Shiny Things Braided in Black
  • Top: Vi-C Uptown Red
  • Pants: Leggings from an outfit
  • Belt: Encore Celtic Belt Black
  • Boots: ETD Calf Boots in Black

As for Ariell? She shows up for some dancing last night at Dancing Liberally. Even better, I discovered a delicious chocolate bar waiting for me at my office desk!

Gotta Dance!

Orchid at Mean Girl’s Guide to Second Life had an illuminating post about the evolution of dance in Second Life. Not only that, she created a great video using some of the dances that she writes about. The fun thing is, I’ve had the chance to do a lot of those moves on the dance floor. And may I say that it is oodles of fun? And may I also say that it really sucks to be wearing a cute, frilly party frock and you find that the dance machine has you breakdancing all over? Here’s the video:

I enjoyed watching it so much that Townes and I pulled out our dance floor that contains some of those same freebie dance animations and moved our bodies to the beat. I’m proud of that dance floor. I made it during a building class and Townes made the music playlist and streamed it into SL for us to dance to — he has great taste in music.

Dancing on our Dance Floor

It still amazes me how well the dances can go with the music. It still amazes me that it can be so much fun!

Romance, Animated Style

Salsa….the dance of romance. Well it is the way Townes and I do in Second Life. How can we help it when we look hot and dance even hotter?

Yes, thank you might animators of Second Life, you make me move pretty darn good. From the tango to the lindy hop, my partner and I look goooooood. And some animations just reek of hotness. Like Townes and I on the dance floor tonight:

Sexy with the Salsa

The real fun is some of the more romantic animations. And yes, some prove very romantic:

A romantic kiss on the balcony

Now if I could only find a real life animator who can make me move so seductively and smoothly. 😉

Good Luck Chuck is Rather Entertaining

I didn’t have high expectations so that helps. I found the leads charming and the story concept cute, though drawn out. The fat jokes could have been left out and I didn’t find everything charming, but for a romantic-comedy it isn’t too bad. I know…damning with faint praise. Still, if you’re looking for a date movie it’s better than some.

Rainy Day

May I just say that I love a rainy day?*

*This message brought to you by the Rainy Days Are a Good Excuse for Being Lazy organization.