Living the Good Life

I wrote about Townes and how we’ve enjoyed Second Life together. Lately we’ve discovered a whole new lifestyle. First it’s the tux and gown life. Last weekend we dressed up and went out dancing. Our first stop was the ballroom at the Lost Gardens of Apollo. And may I say that we looked marvelous?

Ballroom Dancing

Later we went out again. This time at Cloud Nine. Townes really knows how to sweep a girl off her feet.

Swept Off Feet

Townes, a relative newbie but a fast learner, decided to make a major commitment to Second Life — he bought his own island estate. Here’s his new place and our new playground:

Townes’ Island

The island didn’t stay empty long. Besides a sailboat, some jet skis and a very nice swing, Townes managed to build a house within a few minutes. It was amazing…he unpacked the house from a box. He didn’t have to mess with any contractors or construction. It’s a Galland model called the Ambassador. Yes, our little beach bungalow.

Townes’ House

As for that swing? Us swingers know how to live:

Cuddling on the swing


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