That Time of Year

I can feel it. I walk the dog in the morning and I feel cool air, I don’t have to run the fan in my office all day, and it’s September. Yes, Fall is about to hit.

Growing up in Phoenix, Fall happened sometime, what, in January? And there weren’t many trees to show off the changing season. Here in Flagstaff we get the full treatment of seasonal change with oaks, aspens, and other kinds of trees (I don’t know trees; I do know cacti) in town and on the San Francisco Peaks. That’s where I check, looking up at the Peaks to see if I can see the bands of gold among the green up on the slopes of the peaks. A few trees on campus are the early harbingers of a new season about to start and I can see yellow leaves among the green.

All I know is that I have that expectant feeling, waiting for something exciting to happen. Fall should hit in about three weeks, global warming permitting, and I’m ready for it.

San Francisco Peaks

Photo of part of the San Francisco Peaks by Tom Brennan. The photo was found at the Reptiles of Arizona site.


4 Responses to “That Time of Year”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Ahh… yes… Fall – that missing season… It is still 107 degrees down here! I keep reminding myself it is still better to have a few months of high, high heat than all that snow and humidity from back East. 🙂
    – Wendy

  2. dilettanteville Says:

    Yeah, you keep telling yourself that. 😉

  3. ChrisInColumbus Says:

    Spring has sprung
    Fall has fell
    Down in Phoenix
    It’s hot as…………………the dickens.

  4. dilettanteville Says:

    Oooo….Shakespearean, Chris! It’s a work of art. 😉

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