The Act of Creation

Second Life gives you something you don’t normally get in real life: godlike powers. I’ve created rocks, sand dunes, and beaches. And I’ve done some massive landscaping including creating an oasis, a lagoon, and plopping trees and bushes where I want them. What power! On top of that, I brought critters to life, including a dolphin, a manta ray, and bunches of stupid fish.

Here’s some of what I’ve worked on with Townes. We have an island paradise that we’ve had too much fun setting up. We snatched up a small neighboring island and started to work. Here I am trying to figure out what to do.

Empty island

All that sand made me thirsty, so water was necessary! Townes and I came up with the same idea separately…we needed an oasis. Thus, some terrain editing and a few trees and homemade rocks and we have an oasis. A nearby campfire seemed like a good idea too:

Our oasis

The island allowed us to create a lagoon or cove area for our property. Well, all that empty space underwater required some landscaping and a few critters:

Under our lagoon

Yep, we have a dolphin (actually we have two — Flipper looked lonely so we got him Flipperina). A manta ray also adds to the fun. A few corals, some greenery, more rocks, and a few fish and it’s rather pleasant hanging out below water:

Our underwater critters

Ah, the powers of a god. It certainly makes moving rocks around much easier. Here I am, basking in my creative glory, sitting on one of my rocks by the oasis.

On the seventh day God rested. Well, after only a few hours of creation I’m just taking a quick coffee break…and enjoying my handiwork.


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