Vanity, thy Name is Moran

I can’t help it. I’m going to do one of those “aren’t I pretty in Second Life” posts. Like I said, I can’t help it. ‘Cause I am pretty in Second Life. So there.

Okay, I also had fun with the camera and using backdrops and some lights that I created to give it a very creamy look. So consider this more of a showing off of my SL photo-taking skills.

It also had to do with finding a new skin that I had to buy. I keep shopping for skins and pick up tons of demos, but just couldn’t find anything to shell out for. I’ve been wearing skins from Sin Skins and Celestial Studios and have been very pleased. In my post “How to Skin an Avatar” I showed you some different looks with skins. When trying on demos I find that I’ve become quite picky about the look I’m trying to achieve: not too cartoony, but not too real. I plan on doing a post on the different skins I try, but until then, you’ll just have to put up with this post or go visit Skin Score, a blog all about Second Life skin.

I’ve hit lots of the skin stores in SL. I love Celestial Studios pouty lips and Sin Skins sweet faces and I’ve been wearing one or the other in various makeups for quite a while now. I really love how Tuli’s looks, but it comes with freckles and I don’t see my avatar as having freckles. My avatar doesn’t have a cute, button nose and I also look for a skin that isn’t going to make my vertical board of a nose look too perky. I also have asian features and some skins minimize those features.

The other night I went into Raspberry and Cow — RaC, for short — and tried the demos. Yuck. I didn’t like the first one at all. Too dark and too wrong. Yet, RaC doesn’t go for the same skin style offered in different skin tones and makeups. Instead, each style of skin is very different from the next. It took me a few moments to figure it out and I tried on the other demos. When I tried “Drew” I couldn’t stop admiring myself. I bought the set (not cheap as you get 6 makeups for that one style).

Vain, vain, vain! But check me out…I think I deserve a little vanity:

Moran's new skin Posing Pretty for the Camera

Right? Preeeeeetty! The hair is from ETD. The first pic I’m wearing Sofia and the second is Mira. The dress is the Cozy Sweater Dress from Encore. Jewelry? Why I made it myself.

By having a lightly colored backdrop and with some light spheres placed on either side of me I get that total white background. I’ve wondered how folks have done that. Sure I can crop and adjust in GIMP, but it’s much nicer to start with something like this. It saves a lot of work.

Playing Barbie with the new skin and some new hair, I tried on some outfits to see what the effect would be:

Me in Ivalde

I’m wearing the ETD Mira hairdo with a nice color-changing headband, the dress is the Karoline White Dress from Ivalde, the stockings are Gracile’s LouLou in black, and the shoes are Enkythings’ Talyn in black.

A little more color would be nice…

Me in Ivalde again

It’s another Ivalde ensemble, the Vendela red dress. The hair is the ETD Mira style again. The shoes are Enkything’ Baba Yaga in Sharahzed (yeah, that’s the color or texture style). I’m just too adorable for words, aren’t I? Well, no…because I have tons of words that I can write about me. 😉

The last pic is my favorite. Oh, to be this elegant in real life….

Elegant Moran


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