Gotta Dance!

Orchid at Mean Girl’s Guide to Second Life had an illuminating post about the evolution of dance in Second Life. Not only that, she created a great video using some of the dances that she writes about. The fun thing is, I’ve had the chance to do a lot of those moves on the dance floor. And may I say that it is oodles of fun? And may I also say that it really sucks to be wearing a cute, frilly party frock and you find that the dance machine has you breakdancing all over? Here’s the video:

I enjoyed watching it so much that Townes and I pulled out our dance floor that contains some of those same freebie dance animations and moved our bodies to the beat. I’m proud of that dance floor. I made it during a building class and Townes made the music playlist and streamed it into SL for us to dance to — he has great taste in music.

Dancing on our Dance Floor

It still amazes me how well the dances can go with the music. It still amazes me that it can be so much fun!


3 Responses to “Gotta Dance!”


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  2. ginsengkyong Says:

    Wow!! You got the moves!

    Nice job and love the music

    • dilettanteville Says:

      Ginsengkyong, that’s not me! That’s a video I was linking to. It is great, isn’t it? Though, you know, in Second Life I could dance like that! I just have to buy the dances. Got to love that ability.

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