Free and Not so Free Fun

A co-worker of mine has started playing around in Second Life. Yesterday I joined her in a shopping adventure — buying a good skin. Well, where else to go but over to Celestial Studios where a 50% sale is taking place this weekend. The skin at Celestial Studio is lovely, I wear it a lot. I told her I’d buy her the skin which is at $L500. She freaked until I explained that in real life that wasn’t even $2. She could give me one of those lovely organic dark-chocolate bars that she buys.

So, she buys a skin, gets some freebie clothes, a shape that I provide (I love making shapes), and here’s Ariell reborn out of the ashes of newbieness:

Ariell after buying skin

I so wish I could show you a Before Picture, but anyone in SL knows what the Before pictures look like! Except for the skin she’s wearing all freebies. Hair from Calla, dress from PixelDolls, and the earrings and shoes from my creations folder. A lot of freebies that come in boxes aren’t the greatest, but I love when you can find some decent stuff.

Now Ariell admits that she’s not looking for hooker-wear, but something more demure. There are lots of designers that make freebie offerings. These should be snapped up anytime you can find them. Well, I discovered a blog that covers all the freebies you can find — Fabulously Free in Second Life. I already want to head out and pick a few things up!

My vanity does not allow me to post this without a shot of myself. So, here am I, but I ain’t wearing a darn thing that’s free:

Moran with No Freebies On

  • Hair: Tami McCoy Babycakes
  • Skin: RaC Drew
  • Earrings: Artilleri Rockin’ Earrings
  • Bracelets: Artiller Racer and Shiny Things Braided in Black
  • Top: Vi-C Uptown Red
  • Pants: Leggings from an outfit
  • Belt: Encore Celtic Belt Black
  • Boots: ETD Calf Boots in Black

As for Ariell? She shows up for some dancing last night at Dancing Liberally. Even better, I discovered a delicious chocolate bar waiting for me at my office desk!


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