DVD Ordering Time – Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Robinson Crusoe on Mars

I rarely order DVDs from Amazon. If I see a movie I like on sale I’ll pick it up or if it’s a mainstream movie that I absolutely love I’ll buy it at full price when it’s released. But TBogg points out a new release. It is Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

I loved that movie when I saw it on TV at a young age. For those of you who never saw it and think the title is pretty darn silly — well it is a silly title — the movie is about an astronaut stranded on Mars. It’s not a slam-bang, shoot-em-up kind of space movie, but an interesting story of a man trying to survive in a hazardous world. The title eventually does work somewhat because our hero finds another person that he names Friday.

It’s a Criterion release, which means good quality. It also means it’s time to pull out my credit card and order the movie.


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