A Graphic Business

Like many Second Lifers I’m doing more than buying clothes and dancing at parties — though I do manage to buy lots of clothes and dance a lot at parties. Still, I am more than pretty clothes and awesome dancing. I am going to start a business in Second Life. Um…maybe.

As I like to play with shapes I thought I’d design some shapes and start to sell them. I love the shapes that I’m creating. I can make very realistic ones. I can put together a building to put my business into. I think I can market my business. So why do I say maybe about starting a business? I suck at graphics software.

To sell my product I have to create sales posters. Oh god. That means not only taking pictures of myself in the shapes (I LOVE to take pictures of myself), but putting the pictures together in some kind of layout that really shows off each shape. I’ve worked on a few and I’m thrilled at what I can do, but after working with graphic designers I know that on the scale of “totally sucks” to “totally awesome” I make an appearance at the “kinda sucks” level.

I know I’ll get better. I know that I can’t wait to get perfect. I also know that I find it kind of fun to play with GIMP and stretch my skills (I’m waiting to inherit a copy of CS2 so I can use Photoshop). I just wish that it came easier. My fear is that everyone will come to my shop and snigger at my handiwork. I don’t think they will, but that fear is circling around in my brain.

Here is a shot of me in one of my shapes standing before my initial attempt at a sales poster. The poster has already seen several changes since I took this shot, but I was proud of that first vendor/poster that I scrimped together. And yes, you can snigger, but please do it quietly.

My first shape to sell in Second Life

I hope to start selling by next Tuesday. I’ll start small and continue to tweak my shop and posters. I’ll start another blog to show off my business’ wares, which I’ll announce here.

So, business in Second Life. Who would have thought? Now if only I can figure out this thing called graphics.


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