Movie Tidbits

As I didn’t make it to the NAU Classic Film Series tonight I can’t tell you all about the wonderful The Best Years of Our Lives. It’s a wonderful movie. Unfortunately, the idea of sitting in the uncomfortable library seats while my upper back is screaming bloody murder kept me away. I left work early. The irony is that I went to a movie. But this was different. A comfortable seat supporting my entire back and a light comedy to keep my mind off my pain is exactly what a doctor should order.

I went to Superbad. It made me laugh through a lot of crude jokes. I wouldn’t call it a classic though. Face it, the intended audience is someone MUCH younger than me.  Still, I did laugh and the movie did help me relax. Things were fine until I walked out to the parking lot and discovered that the jerk who parked next to me had angled his van in such a way that I could not get into my truck. So much for that relaxed mood. Cussing, I crawled through the passenger side to get to the driver’s seat.

Another movie that I’ve seen recently is the predictably silly Sydney White. Some good laughs just can’t overcome the kludgy plot. It starts off much better than it finishes. A common trait to weak comedies.

Anyway, I wanted to post something movie-ish before I write up tons more Second Life posts. Just to prove that I’m well-rounded. Yeah, really I am!


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