Fashion ‘R’ Us

I read all these Second Life fashion blogs and I’m smitten. Smitten over the clothes of course (and this is from someone who hates reading real life fashion magazines), but I’m also smitten by how the bloggers put those clothes together as an image to show off what they’re wearing. Examples include the folks at Closet Crisis, Fashion Heaven, Appearance Mode, Fashion Victim, Ana Lutetia, Mundo SL, and Digital Image.

I wanna do that!

Okay, I do and I don’t. I love playing Barbie and trying things on and admiring my cutesy self. I like to take pictures too. I just hate to spend the time putting it all in an image to display. I mentioned that my ability with graphics software is a bit suspect, but I think I need to try things out just to get better with that software.

So look out world! For at least a few days you’re gonna have to put up with me strutting myself. I did mention that I was vain, so just accept it and scroll on down if you could care less about seeing Ms. Moran Singh in ONE MORE Second Life outfit.

Blaze freebie shirt and new flats

So now I must tell you what I’m wearing. I picked up the freebie Boyfriend Buttondown Shirt from the Blaze group just like Fabulously Free wrote about. I teamed the shirt with the leggings from my Blue Dragon outfit (I still can’t figure out who the designer is — but I love the outfit and especially these leggings, which I normally wear with boots). I whipped up some white socks and then put on my new pair of Chloe black flats from Lassitude and Ennui.

Going for that smart Barbie look I added some glasses and put together the ensemble. Here’s the whole list of how Moran dressed:

  • Hair: Calico CreationsSarah II in Midnight
  • Skin: RaC – Drew
  • Glasses: Artilleri – Cateye Retro Star
  • Shirt: BlazeBoyfriend Buttondown Shirt
  • Tank: Camie CooperWhite Sport Back Tank tinted black.
  • Pants: THBlue Dragon pants
  • Socks: My quick little creation — not to be looked at too closely.
  • Shoes: Lassitude & EnnuiChloe sculpted flats in black.

Whew. See, that’s why I don’t fashion blog too often. That was waaaaay too much work. Still, it was fun putting the outfit together.

All right, back to work. I’ve got a business to put together!


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