A Gal Needs a Good Chick Flick – Jane Austen Book Club

I’m reviewing The Jane Austen Book Club this weekend and went off to watch it today. Now it certainly isn’t the greatest movie in the world, but it did have what I enjoy in a film: characters who are in various stages of love — falling in love, falling out of love, fighting love, forbidden love, and all of them discussing Jane Austen’s novels. What’s not to like?

Emily Blunt and Maria Bello have the meatiest roles, but Kathy Baker as a woman already married six times and who “wouldn’t mind getting married again,” is the character I wished we could have seen more of in the film. The cast all do well.

“Chick flicks” is a horrible description for movies that concentrate on relationships, but it certainly does define a certain kind of movie and The Jane Austen Book Club certainly is a perfect example of a chick flick. And? It makes for a nice movie on a pleasant day off.


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