My Shop

Building in Second Life is interesting. I can be the architect who designs the layout of the building; the laborer who puts the walls together; and also the marble, stucco, and paint maker who designs the materials used in the building.

Sure, I could buy a basic shop layout for my 512 plot, but thought I’d at least try my hand at it. I put something quickly together last week and returned to it yesterday to re-build the layout. Let’s just say that ten hours later my architectural feat was, if not complete, close to it.

Here I am putting some walls together. Yeah, try this in real life — I’m building in the air! That way I could make as many mistakes as possible while putting the pieces together and not have too much of an audience watching.

Framework of Shop

You’ll notice that I do seem to like the curvy shapes. A square box would have been so much easier, but I like the art deco look. It’s also nice to build knowing that I don’t have to worry about a ceiling. Rain? Snow? Only if I want it…and then I’d have to buy it!

Here’s the foundation. I had to play with the terrain of my land to try and get something to work:

Foundation of Shop

I tried building on the ground, but my plot is right at the corner of four sims. This can mean some funky things happening, like me walking not up the stairs, but INTO the stairs. There’s nothing more frustrating for a shop owner than to have potential customers trapped in the stairs. I just don’t think it’s good for business. 😉 So, I decided that my shop will be in the air. It may be a good idea anyway. No one has bought the land in front of my place and who knows what kind of view I’ll have in the long run? Thus, I’m going airborne.

Here’s what the shop looks like. And for those of you who love the spare, modern, black and white look just avert your eyes (if you really like hard, towering, green phallic symbols though…lookee):

Front view of shop

I was a happy gal. Sure, there are some seams that don’t quite match and it’s not perfect, but by gosh, it’s mine.

Happy shop builder

Here’s another view after a few more tweaks:

Another view of shop

I got excited and had to try out my one display that I created for my Carly shape:

Putting up a sales vendor on my new wall

Here’s the view from above. I bought some neat mandala rugs at the Art of Buddha store, which really give the place color (yeah, ’cause it was so bland before):

Aerial view of shop

So, now I just have to do the following:

  1. Design a basic logo for my store
  2. Panic
  3. Redesign a basic logo for my store
  4. Create a sales vendor/poster for the shapes that I’ve created
  5. Cuss
  6. Create a few more shapes, especially for the guys
  7. Organize the posters on the wall
  8. Cuss some more
  9. Create instructions on how to use the shapes
  10. Fine tune the landmark
  11. Panic again
  12. Design the web site/blog for my store
  13. Decide when to go “public” with advertising (I may wait a week or two to make sure I have all the kinks worked out)
  14. Panic some more
  15. Write up an ad
  16. Post the ad
  17. Possibly send out review copies to the fashion blog writers
  18. Panic? Sure, why not. I might as well cuss some more while I’m at it.

It’s actually been fun putting this together. If I don’t make money in the long run I may be disappointed, but it sure gives me something creative to do. Plus, how else can I be queen of a shop built in the sky?

Queen of my shop


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