Men in My Second Life

Sure, I always mention my sweetie, Townes, as my main Second Life squeeze, but yesterday I had this shirtless hunk hanging out on my deck. Let’s just say that I was checking him out thoroughly:

Male shape

Okay, I was checking him out because I’m attempting to create male avatar shapes for my biz. I even broke down and purchased a male skin, plus picked up some freebies. Here’s my first male shape (should I call him Adam?) with two different skins:

First male shape with two different skins

On the left is skin I found at Sarah Nerd’s Freebie Paradise (get thee there if you have not checked it out — lots of decent stuff among the not so good). It’s called Cody. The skin used on the right is a male skin that I bought. Do you know how hard it was for me to shell out good lindens for skin that I’ll only use for photos and testing? The skin is from Cake. It’s the Antonio medium – Emo Monk with Soul. I’ve added the Maggie tattoo from Artilleri. The hair is a style that I wear often in my female shape — Rumor from Cake. While at Cake, I picked up some more hair for “the guys.”It’s interesting shopping for a whole new avatar.

Poor Townes. He popped in last night and I greeted him with my new look. Funny how he wasn’t so eager to offer me a kiss. 😉


2 Responses to “Men in My Second Life”

  1. blabla Says:

    No, you mean that on the left is a STOLEN SKIN from NAUGHTY DESIGNS, which sarah nerd sells as if it’s a freebie, and on the right is a skin from FNKY and NOT cake (which are in the same building though)

    Please do your homework before you posts like that

    • dilettanteville Says:

      Oops. Didn’t realize that Cake and FNKY were separate. Sorry ’bout that! As for the stolen skin, I wish I had known. I don’t approve of profiting from something stolen. It’s a nice skin too.

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