Fashion Bites

As I started working on some sales posters for my new shop, Mosi, I decided to put a favorite movie in the DVD player: The Devil Wears Prada. I can’t help it. I’ve been reading too many Second Life fashion blogs, and I, who stay far away from fashion magazines in real life am hooked on the SL kind.

Though sometimes you can find something priceless on the blogs. Sure, I read every blogger cooing over the new lingerie offered at Casa del Shai. You have to admit that the ads are very nicely done. Here are two shots used:

casa del shai ad 1

casa del shai ad 2

So, I could only love Swirly Cyclone’s take on these ads at Fashion Victim . She acknowledges that Case del Shai is known for quality stuff, but Swirly asks the heartfelt question:

But what of the poor working girl? The escort, the stripper? The hard working, depraved whore? Swirly knows that most of her beloved readers fall into this category, so is thrilled to see that Shai has released a range of slutwear just for YOU! With slutwear this good, your nightly takings could easily double, so this range is a very worthwhile investment darlings.

And then Swirly does it even better, re-imagining these lovely ads in Swirly style. Here’s one lovely example.

swirly ad

Swirly’s my idol. Go check out the other ads at Fashion Victim.


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