Winging It

Saturday night I attended the weekly salsa-dancing event that Brace Coral puts on. It’s fun with a bunch of regulars who whoop it up nicely. Normally I try to find a good salsa outfit to wear, but as I felt rather contrarian I went in a new outfit that I picked up earlier that day. Now, let me tell you, this outfit purchased at Last Call called to me when I saw the ad at Last Call’s web site. Yet when I put it on I found myself disappointed. It just didn’t live up to expectations. I sighed and put it away to try on the other two outfits that I purchased: the Starley II Sweater Dress and the Frida trench coat and jeans. None of them thrilled me either. Sigh.

When dressing for salsa I pulled out the Magdalena outfit again. and it wasn’t until I paired it with the thigh high boots from Drawmachine and the ruby turtleneck from Casa del Shai that I decided I wasn’t unhappy after all:

Wearing Magdalena from Last Call

I added the Celestial Skins Champagne skin in Smoky-Burgundy, the Jasmine hair from ETD and I was ready to salsa. Yeah, in real life this would be a real bad idea for dancing….the sweat factor would kill your cool factor.

So what happens when you go dancing at Sexy Salsa Night? Well, things get heated and dares are made and when the mood hits you do the dare. I stripped down. No, not totally — I’m too much of a prude to do that. But I did manage to hit the right inventory buttons to get down to a swim suit. Thigh high boots with a swim suit is a fashion statement that I don’t normally make. I still felt a little too exposed so found a use for the Frida jacket from Last Call. Dancing with the gang looked like this:

Dancing in swim suit at Sexy Salsa Night

Then everyone started pulling out wings to wear and I didn’t have any. Luckily, one of the dancers, Sy, gave me a pair. Did you know that big wings are difficult to control on the dance floor? I kept slapping people in the face with my wings.

Wings at the dance

Even though they were awkward, I had a new mission: go get me some wings! Thus, my purchase at Material Squirrel:

Draconis wings on me

Draconis wings that flutter, flap, and do all kinds of neat stuff. I’m also wearing the Rock t-shirt from Artilleri, black leggings, the ETD Calf Boots, and Tami McCoy’s Babycakes hair.

So stripping down and then wings. Well, that’s what happens when I do too much hard work and hard shopping in Second Life. Still, I liked the look. Here’s one last shot of that final outfit from the dance:

Frida coat with boots and not much else


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