Run, Al, Run!

Friday morning we will hear who is the deserving winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. My wish is that it goes to Al Gore. The chatter “out there” says that he stands a good chance to win and I hope that the out there chatter isn’t too out there.

Then I want one more thing: Al Gore to declare he is going to run for President.  It’s such a miscarriage of justice that he was cheated out of the presidency by Bush and his boys. It’s only karma that he should run again and win. With the dangers of global warming about to bust open on this planet, I want someone who cares, who is passionate about staving off the dangers, and someone who is smart. Can’t I have that in my president?

The other candidates haven’t thrilled me. They’re okay, just not what I want. Gore is what I want. In fact, I’m not the only one. There’s an organization called Draft Gore. I had signed their petition and you can too at A story in Newsweek also covers this movement to draft the man we want to save our country.  Yet time is running out.

Even most diehard Gore supporters agree the next few weeks are do-or-die for a Gore candidacy. The New York state petition drive must gather 5,000 signatures during a short legal window between Halloween and early December. Gore supporters in Michigan launched a petition drive last week that must secure 12,396 valid signatures by Oct. 23—and a signed candidate affidavit from Gore himself—to place his name on next year’s primary ballot. (Gore backers there draw hope from an Aug. 14 Detroit News/WXYZ-TV statewide poll of 400 likely Democratic voters in which Gore had 36 percent, beating Hillary Clinton, who had 32 percent, and the rest of the field.)

But even the optimists are philosophical about their chances of talking Gore into the race. “I know it’s still a real long shot that he’ll run,” acknowledges Fred Koed of the Massachusetts Draft Gore group. “If I were in his shoes, after the devastating and painful loss in 2000, I’d really have to search inside myself to see if it was all worth doing again. He’ll just have to determine if this is right for him.” In the meantime, Koed and his cohorts hope the Gore faithful—and the Nobel committee—can help him make up his mind.

I’m hoping he does run. Come on, Al, run!


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