Shop Girl

Well, I managed to come up with an image to fit into Search window. As this is basically my persona for the shop I really need to come up with something nice. Of course, that means I know what I’m doing. I came up with this. There’s some other things I want to do with this, but right now it’s not too bad as an ad for Mosi:

My Search window image for Mosi

The green and salmon logo-ish thingie is based on what is on my shop:

Mosi shop sign

I went for a strong peach/salmon color wall with a deep green marble floor. It’s opened to the sky, so it can get washed out in certain lights and at other times look incredibly bright. Here’s a straight on shot of the shop:

Mosi shop

Here’s another shot looking down the length of it and the proud shop girl…er…woman…er…person who owns the shop:

Me at my shop Mosi

I have some room to add items on the walls. In fact, I still have some empty wall space! May that be rectified by the end of the weekend.

Blank walls at Mosi

I’m happy. I still have LOTS to do, but I feel good at what I’ve done so far. May I continue to feel that way! 😉


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