Business is Booming

Well, booming may be a bit of an overstatement. What is happening with my new shop is that I’ve managed to sell three of my shapes. So though I still have lots to do, a few people who stumble upon the place are finding something they like.

Today I sold my first male shape. Adam was fun to create. There are lots of shapes that have bulging muscles and tiny pinheads on guys. I tried to do something a little more believable…and attractive. Here’s Adam (I’ll do a thumbnail — click on it to see it full size):

Adam shape at Mosi

I try to show the avatars I create with different skins. At Mosi (Bristow/3/240/121), you can read about the skin and hair used — there are even landmarks. What I do for my business. It kills me to buy skin for male shapes. It’s more expensive AND I can’t wear it except for these photos!

Here are two other shapes; Alex and Ariadne:

Alex shape from Mosi

Ariadne shape from Mosi

I even managed to make a few mannequins. I put them down on the ground below my shop and included a teleport up to Mosi.

Mosi mannequins on ground

Aren’t they cute? I was so pleased with myself at creating them. You can get a better sense of their size with me added to the picture:

Me with the Mosi mannequins

Fun, huh? It’s certainly been an adventure putting this together. I can’t wait until I can do more than avatar shapes. I really need to learn more. I’ve played with hair, clothes, and shoes, but haven’t really spent tons of time doing it. That’s my next goal. Besides figuring out the advertising/marketing part of owning a business in Second Life.

Hey, I’ve sold three shapes without any marketing. Maybe I can sell three more if I do come up with some form of marketing! It’s worth a try. 😉


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