Purple Mood

It must be fall or it must be all that time hanging out with my niece. Whatever it is I seem to be in a purple mood.

I went shopping in Second Life today and picked up a few items that certainly qualify as purple. First I went to Amaretto and picked up the Delia outfit. It’s a fuscia dress with low, puffy sleeves and I couldn’t resist. So, when I ended up at Tesla looking for her Diva shoes, what should I do but buy a pair in violet? Needless to say, when I was at Cotton Candy looking at some shops my eye found this lovely knit sweater with a cowl neck at MG.

Purple clothes

On the left:

  • Sweater: MG – Gwyn knitted sweater in purple
  • Skirt: Nyte ‘n’ Day – mini-skirt in black
  • Shoes: Tesla – Diva in violet
  • Hair: ETD- Lisa II in black
  • Skin: Celestial Studios – Vogue Champagne tone with Smoky Plum makeup

On the right:

  • Dress: Amaretto – Delia
  • Shoes: Tesla – Diva in violet
  • Tights: Tete a Pied – black tights
  • Hair: Analog Dog – Ayla in black
  • Skin: RaC – Drew
  • Bracelets: my own making

Sure I bought stuff that wasn’t purple, in fact I went crazy with the snake look and ended up as a bad character in a B movie. Just call me Tondalea – Wild Woman of the Jungle.

Wild Woman

  • Dress: Amaretto – Hear Me Rawr
  • Shoes: Boing Fromage – Ankle Wrap sandals in brown
  • Hair: Analog Dog – Madison in black
  • Skin: RaC – Drew

Okay, I’ll stick with purple. It’s a good color for fall and I don’t look so silly. A purple mood is much better for my fashion taste than a snake mood. Still, if I find purple snake skin clothes I may just have to buy them! 😉


2 Responses to “Purple Mood”

  1. Jillan Says:

    lol! Are we psychically linked or just have the same taste? Whatever it is, we need to stop shopping at the same stores 😉

    Although, I did stop before the snake skin dress…

  2. dilettanteville Says:

    It’s the same taste thingie! I always love how you dress, so that must be it. 😉

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