Posed for Greatness

It’s 1:00 in the morning. I meant to go to bed hours ago. But what do I do? I re-read Natalia’s post on creating poses. So, here I am creating poses like crazy and having way too much fun.

Natalia Zelmanov’s Diary offers a slew of tutorials. When she showed us how to create a pose with us holding something in front of us like a candle I thought I could do that. So tonight I did!

Natalia gives us all kinds of guidance and pictures to help us see what we’re trying to do. The software she uses and I tried is a freebie called QAvimator. My first attempt using QAvimator didn’t come out right. Sure my pose looks like I’m holding something but it ain’t a candle:

Incorrect pose

Of course it’s perfect as a pose to hold up something bigger like I am demonstrating something. So I kept it. I tweaked the candle pose and played with the settings some more and this is what I got:

Candle-holding pose

Isn’t that great? Well, that wasn’t all. Once I did that I was hooked. So my late night work found me creating my first standing pose of my own design:

Standing pose

Aha! My avatar is clay in my hands! Well, sort of…it takes lots of tweaking and it’s not so much clay as movable body parts. Still, I feel quite godlike tonight…er…this morning.

I wasn’t done. I created a sitting pose:

Sitting Pose

It needs some tweaking. The right arm doesn’t meet the leg and the right hand should be under the left. Once again though, I’m pleased as punch at what I can do with free software and some late night obsessing.

I s’pose I should go to bed now. I can do more tomorrow and I’ll keep you “pose”ted. Yeah, go ahead and groan. I do need to get some sleep!


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