Salsa and Stripping

Remember my experience with stripping down to a bathing suit at Saturday night salsa? It happened again. But this time I didn’t stop at my bathing suit. Oh no. I stripped down to my skin. The shame of it all.

It started innocently enough. It was a Halloween themed dance tonight. Brace Coral wanted us to dress up. Now I don’t really get into the whole Halloween costume thing, but I had picked up a freebie t-shirt from SYD: Style Your Destiny that had a pumpkin with the pi symbol. Get it? Yeah! Pumpkin pi! I’d also picked up some freebie shoes from ZHAO that had pumpkins, spiders, bats, and other fun stuff on them (the Fabulously Free in Second Life blog is amazing — I found out about these freebies from reading the blog). With my orange bangles I had my bracelets and earrings. I was ready to go and I do have to say I looked mighty sexy:
Sexy Halloween Outfit

It does look nice with that black background, doesn’t it? Here’s a better look, along with a closer look at the shoes:

Sexy Halloween outfit

Halloween shoes

The hair is from Analog Dog and is called Madison. Very nice and curly.

So, I get to Brace’s salsa party (Brace Coral throws the best salsa dances) and everyone is in costume. I took a picture, but you know, if it weren’t for the pumpkin theme it really looks like any other salsa night. Face it, people wear pretty flashy costumes all the time in Second Life.

Salsa night with Halloween theme

Well, it got all hot and heated and I did it. I took off my skirt and shirt! I was running around in my nudie-bears! It certainly looked fun when dancing the steps to “Thriller” — except we were dancing to hot salsa music. Hey, those Thriller dance steps can work with all kinds of music:

Me dancing naked at salsa night

Hey, my chest looks pretty nice, heh? I can’t help but flaunt it. And you do have to admire my avatar — she’s got a great bone structure. Oh, the skin and eyes I’m wearing are from Boing Fromage. It really offers a nice look. I don’t even feel the need to wear prim eyelashes.

Halloween skin


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