Lovely Day

Rain is coming down and snow should hit us tomorrow. Isn’t that lovely? And yes, it is — we need all the moisture that we can get here in Arizona.



Tonight I’m watching the DVD of Series 2 of Extras. It’s painfully funny. Shoot, I’m laughing at the DVD extras. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant know how to properly mess with my funny bone. Where else can you have Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe accidentally fling a super-sized condom onto Diana — Dame Diana — Rigg’s head? Or Orlando Bloom showing off how he beat Johnny Depp in the “Sexiest Man Alive” write-up in a woman’s magazine? Or David Bowie creating a cringe-worthy song in a bar (Bowie’s hilarious about his appearance in an interview in the DVD extras).

If you enjoy watching actors having fun and you like to laugh then check out Extras.

With a Cherry on Top

I started playing around with Second Life photos again. It’s becoming a habit. I look at all the fun shots at Flickr and I’m inspired.

This time I started with doing something fashion oriented. Here’s the outfit:

Wearing a beret and scarf

The outfit is brought to you by:

  • Hat: Cake’s Chloe cap
  • Hair: Sirena’s Madeline
  • Skin: Celestial Studios’ Vogue Skin in Champagne with Burgundy-Smoky makeup
  • Sweater: Frangipani Designs’ Turtleneck Sweater in Red
  • Scarf: Artilleri’s Funky Scarf in Cherry Knit
  • Earrings: Blaze’s Platinum and Ruby Cherry earrings
  • Pants: Launa Fauna’s Isabeaux black leather pants
  • Boots: ETD’s Calf Boots
  • Gloves: TaP’s leather gloves

I liked this so much I put this image together:

Beret and Scarf

So this isn’t much of a Second Life fashion blog, but I do what I can when I can, especially when cherries are involved!  😉

The Hairspray DVD

I knew that I’d love it, but man, how many times can I watch that movie or the special features? I’ve watched it and listened to two different commentaries. I’ve watched the various documentaries on the history of Hairspray and have watched them several times. And yes, I bought the two-disc version of the DVD to give me even more viewing pleasure.  I am a sucker for a fun musical.

By the way, James Marsden has a great voice. He also got to show it off in Enchanted.  I’d seriously think of buying any album he puts out that has some good old pop standards.


That’s how I would describe my day today. I got a lot done. The dog got a bath, the house was cleaned, a project was completed, and some other things I’d wanted to do got done. I even had time to watch a movie — October Sky. Before I sit down to write my movie review for Enchanted (it’s getting a good grade from me) I popped into Second Life and tried on some of the outfits I picked up yesterday at the sale at Simone’s.  Thus, a pic for your viewing pleasure:

Dragon Lady on the Bed

Lions for Lambs review

I was disappointed in this movie. Though the cast does a great job, the script was too talky and preachy. It’s a shame as I agree with the points that Robert Redford is making in this movie. Here’s the review.

Dan in Real Life review

Okay, it’s the day after Turkey Day and I’m feeling a little less somnolent (and I don’t even eat turkey – but give me those mashed potatoes!). So, feeling rather lazy and laid back I thought I’d catch up on my movie reviews.

Dan in Real Life hit me just right. I found it a sweet and funny movie. Here’s the review.