Sexy in Black and White

I’m not going to get much posting done today either. So I thought I’d just post an image of my avatar showing off a bracelet and earrings that I made. See how well you notice them:

Moran in Black and White

I bet you didn’t look at the jewelry first.

I snapped this pic some time ago, waiting for when I finally put some freebies out at my shop. My hard drive holds tons of images that I never get around to using (cleaning up will offer quite the challenge). There was something about this photo that makes me want to keep it. It’s a Moran Singh as bathing beauty shot that I don’t normally do. And face it, when I see real life pictures like this I scoff. Yeah, bathing suit AND high heels — a fashion statement I find unsettling…

But damn, I look good.


5 Responses to “Sexy in Black and White”

  1. townes Says:

    Bracelets? Earrings? Really?

  2. Sexy Says:

    sexy picture !!!

  3. Jasmijn Says:

    How do you make youre own designs and wear them??

  4. dilettanteville Says:


    I attended some of the building classes offered in Second Life. Search Events for Education events and you can see the classes offered. Another great source on learning to build and use “prims” is to read some Natalia’s tutorials at She has lots of tutorials on creating items. I learned a lot from her.

  5. cumar Says:

    i want sexy anlly

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