Golden Brown Autumn

I love autumn. The crisp blue sky, the gold and red leaves, and cool weather. Weather that allows you to wear light jackets and sweaters. This feeling of colder weather even flows into Second Life.

I want to wear sweaters. I’ve picked up a few, but the other day I found something that pleased me no end — a golden brown leather “jacket” and dark brown suede boots. The jacket is from BP (Osaka 148/138/22) and the boots are from Zhao Shoes (Piccadilly Circus 34/159/25). Worn with a freebie brown turtleneck and my Hipster Cowgirl jeans from Sand ShackSurf Co. (Lions Shore 49/176/24) I felt quite the symphony in brown. I started out with one of my regular skins; RaC’s Drew and the Lisa II hair from ETD. As I found myself liking the golden brown look I ended up wearing one of my darker skins, the Charmed series in #80 Mauve Gloss from Celestial Studios with ETD’s Jasmine hair. There’s definitely an autumn feel here:

Leather and boots and golden autumn

Still, I do like the black and white outfits too. Just for good measure here’s me in a freebie from Bossa Nova (offered to the Bossa Nova group). With TaP gloves, Sirena hair (the Chloe), and some freebie jewelry from Muse, I was ready to go out or not…I ended up working on a freebie package for my shop. It’s something to work while wearing an evening gown. In real life? I’d be wearing the clothes above.

The Christina Dress from Bossa Nova.


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