Before and After Mix-up

There’s been too much fun in Second Life. Our liberal group has had dances, talks, dances, openings, and did I mention dances? Well, it really messes with the psyche to go to a dance in a ballgown one night and the next requires something very different. It’s like the worst Before and After Mix-up on a fashion show.

Friday night was our Dancing Liberally event. The theme was a grand opening of the Senator Larry Craig for Republican Values memorial (yes, a bathroom stall). Like any grand opening we dressed in evening wear. Townes wore a tux and I wore a gown that I would never have bought. My 8-year old niece and I were shopping in SL (hey, babysitting requires all kinds of ways to entertain a kid!). When I said that she could choose my next ballgown she settled on something purple at Nicky Ree’s store. Gulp. It wasn’t cheap. I followed through and bought it and can I just say that my niece has impeccable taste. Check it out:

Me in Nicky Ree June ballgown

I’m also wearing ETD’s Sofia hair style, Celestial Studios’ Vogue skin in Pure – Mid Noir, and jewelry from Sirena (the earrings came with the Sabrina gown) and Kirkland. I loved dancing in an evening gown…especially the slow tunes with Townes. Still when pose balls for a line dance are offered it’s hard to resist. Here’s Jillan, Tanna, me, and Townes moving our evening-wearing booties to the music:

So how could Townes and I go from an elegant evening to something so wrong? Well, blame it on Jane2 McMahon and Rocky Turok. They put on a dance at Jane’s Lonely Yak Roadhouse with that elegant theme for a roadhouse: Redneck Mothers!

The challenge was on.

Townes knew the look he wanted. That plaid flannel shirt with no sleeves, a ball cap, jeans, work boots, and a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He managed to put it all together:

Isn’t he studly? Just ignore that beer belly, he promises to work it off once his back stops hurting and he can get his sorry-assed self back to work… Ooops, I just fell back into redneck mode again — he kept expecting me to wait on him and I kept complaining about his worthless ass. I felt bad for the visitors from Italy who may not be fully versed in redneck culture and may think we treat each other that way all the time. Anyway, Towne’s shirt is from MIA, his hat from KK Outfitters, the cigarette is from Foxy’s, and I don’t know about the jeans or boots. They do look good though, don’t they?

I, always trying to be elegant, did dress up a bit more. No torn jeans for me…no, my jeans were decorated!

Don’t you hate it when your bra strap — actually, your bra — keeps peeking out from under your shirt? Dang Taggy Tank top from Sand Shack Surf Co didn’t offer enough coverage. The hair is from Gurl6, the skin is a freebie (I think it’s Shy in night time makeup), freebie jeans, boots from ETD, the Pop 80s necklace from Cake, the Snake bangles from Amaretto, and my very own homemade belt from a texture I created, which is also applied to the cuff on my left arm. A little playing with the sliders and I had that long-lusted for figure of a Redneck Mama.

Together, Townes and I made quite a pair:

Hey, do you notice the blotchy thing on our arms? I made my first tattoo. I found this great tattoo online at Tattoo Artists and used it to make a tattoo. I be an artiste!

Dancing at the Lonely Yak Roadhouse:

I don’t know. Do you think the redneck look or the elegant ballgown look works best for me? Man, it’s hard to decide, isn’t it?


4 Responses to “Before and After Mix-up”

  1. Jillan Says:

    You looked fabulous both days. I have to admit that I was a bit frightened that you and Townes were so good at the redneck thing. It was just a little too natural…. 😉

  2. Dysfunctional Family Night in Second Life « DilettanteVille Says:

    […] offered by individuals. We like themes. We’ve had Orange Night, Oktoberfest, Pirate Night, Ballgown and Tux night, and last night’s theme: Dysfunctional Family […]

  3. tattoo forum Says:

    I never realised you could do this kinda thing. i ahve a load of great tattoo pics that would look really cool for this.

  4. dilettanteville Says:

    Hey, if you can manage to make digital images of your tattoos you can create tats for Second Life. They’re designed as clothing with only the tattoo showing and the rest of the shirt as transparent. It’s fun to do. If you want to know more on how to do it here’s a good tutorial:

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