Bend Me, Shape Me

I played with some more pose making today. I tweaked one shape, improving it, and then created two new ones. One is a pure modeling pose. The other two are a bit more casual.

I find trying to create something that I can use myself in Second Life is too much fun. Now I’m thinking about possibly selling the poses. I sell shapes and poses would make a natural companion to my shapes at my shop Mosi. Now I just have to figure the best way to package them up.

Update: They’re now for sale at Mosi (Bristow/3/240/121). I managed to come up with some sales posters to buy each pose (easy when there’s only three of them) and found a script on the SL Forums for a posing device that cycles through the poses to allow shoppers to try them out. This is a temporary solution. If I make more poses I’ll need to make the posing device also be the vendor. Hey, that’s going to take a bit more research. Still, I’ve added to my inventory and if I could just get the sales posters done for three new shapes I’ve worked on I’ll be happy.

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