Dressing Up in Ivalde

How can I not want to dress up when I can look so good? Yes, I am vain, but only in Second Life. Thus, I spent time trying clothes on and taking pictures.

I had good intentions to get things done today and I did a few, but I found myself waylaid by the call of rampant consumerism. I’ll blame it on SerenityVal. I was playing in Flickr and not only is she managing the Second Life Vintage group, but she just started an Ivalde group.

Oh my. I do like dressing up in clothes from Ivalde. They have a very vintage feel and I’m a sucker for them. Here’s the first dress I picked:

Me in Ivalde’s Henny dress in purple

It’s Ivalde’s Henny dress. I wore this to a wedding or partnering in Second Life. It had that dressed up look one attempts for special ocassions without being too fussy. Rounding out the outfit are:

  • Hair: ETD’s Janae in Ebony
  • Skin: Sin Skins’ Sultry Red in the Stratus tone
  • Shoes: Enkythings’ Talyn in black
  • Gloves: TaP’s medium leather gloves
  • Stockings: Gracile’s Loulou stocking in black

My next outfit was more casual. It’s perfect for fall/winterish weather (which we still need to see more of here where I live — damn global warming). It’s the Turi outfit with the red skirt, but fits my need to wear purples:

Me in Ivalde’s Turi outfit

There are two sweaters in the outfit folder; I picked the blue one and not the black. I’ve also included:

  • Scarf: Artilleri’s Colour Thread scarf in “Pink Threads”
  • Hair: ETD’s Keri in black
  • Skin: Celestial Studios’ Vogue Skins in Champagne with Plum-Smoky makeup
  • Shoes: Tesla’s Diva shoes in violet

The last one is my favorite. It’s the Vintage Katherine dress and I have to say that it’s wonderful to have black hair when you can wear a dress like this:

Me in Ivalde's Vintage Katherine dress

In real life my hair is light brown. Nothing dramatic and nothing eye-catching, but in Second Life I can go for the intense colors. Along with that gorgeous dress I’m also wearing:

  • Hair: Sirena’s Chloe in Jet
  • Skin: Celestial Studios’ Vogue skins in Champagne with Burgund-smoky makeup
  • Shoes: Armidi’s Vidalia shoes in Noir Croc

I do love playing dress up, especially when you have such fun dresses to play with.


5 Responses to “Dressing Up in Ivalde”

  1. Jillan Says:

    Yet again, we need to stop shopping at the same stores. LOL That red Katherine dress was my first purchase on SL. I call it my “feeling saucy” dress.

  2. dilettanteville Says:

    It’s a great dress, isn’t it? If you like taking snaps of yourself you ought to join the Second Life – Ivalde group on Flickr. It’s fun to see what people post or how the same outfit can look very different on various avatars.

  3. Zoe Compton Says:

    That vintage Katherine dress really is great. Hmm. Might have to buy it myself.

  4. dilettanteville Says:

    I’m surprised by how much I loved the look of this dress. I swear that my mom had something like that when I was a little girl and I loved it then too!

  5. vintage dress Says:

    With the 70s and 80s back in style, I just loving vintage clothing from the thrift shops. You can find designers like Chanel and Armani for cheap there.

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