Dysfunctional Family Night in Second Life

I hang out with a group of people that likes to get together for dancing. Every week we have Dancing Liberally, plus other dances offered by individuals. We like themes. We’ve had Orange Night, Oktoberfest, Pirate Night, Ballgown and Tux night, and last night’s theme: Dysfunctional Family Night.

The Dysfunctional Family Night theme is in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. It’s not that the theme makes the evening it is also those of us who show up and play our parts. Man, we’ve got some improv talent.

Townes and I show up and discover Jane2 McMahon and Rocky Turok dressed for the roles of Mom and Dad:

Mom’s all happy until Grandma Jillan starts picking on Mom’s cooking, while Dad is thinking about his secretary — Mom seems clueless about what’s really going on with Dad and the secretary thanks to the gin Mom keeps sipping.

I ended up as one of the kids who brought home my boyfriend Townes, while Leandrah was my slutty sister, Kimo my younger self-pitying brother, and the General as our brother who just can’t seem to give up his glory days as a football player in high school. The squabbling among us was not pretty, but it was hilarious. Ah, families together at the holidays — there’s nothing like it.

Um….I just don’t remember having Thanksgiving gatherings where the turkey legs dance:

Yeah, there are two legs out on the dance floor, one of them bright purple (that’s Serenity). Uncle Jimbo was doing the chicken dance and Grandma Jillan managed to boogie nicely while upsetting Mom with her complaints. General just couldn’t give up his football uniform.

Well, let’s hope the real Thanksgiving gathering for all of us is much more calm and much less bitter. Then again, it’s a tradition and you don’t mess with tradition.


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