Playing with Images

I’ve been taking a GIMP class in Second Life and have become a bit more comfortable in using image-editing software. Still, my main efforts as far as taking snapshots has been editing the image size, learning to select and cut out the stuff I don’t want to show, maybe adding a backdrop layer, and learning to layer things as needed.

Well, today, inspired by a lot of the pictures shown in the Second Life image pool on flickr, I started to play with snapshots and adjusting them in GIMP.

First is me being pensive by the fire. I’ve played with the layers and made some parts of the image blurrier. I’m rather pleased with it:

Me pensive by the fire
The next two are ones that show what a cropped and resized version of a picture looks like and another with some playing around with the original version of the image. I’m also showing off one of my textures that I created, which is my attempt at sandstone:

Moran in black

Playing around with color levels I get this:

Me in black with effects

I also tried to do something I’ve been wanting to do — make a close-up in black and white. It took me learning how to take shots that are high resolution. You can’t just take the normal SL snapshot, but have to use the file commands or shortcuts. Well, it does allow me to get those close-ups when cropping appropriately. Playing with the color levels I ended up with black and white. I rather like it:

My first black and white close-up

It’s fun trying new things out.


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